not a miracle we needed | a(nother sad) jack zimmermann (& kent??) playlist | listen

In between her protests, his thoughts drift away again. He’s relating his situation to that of Paris in the late 19th century. Paris was bustling and great then when they built the Eiffel Tower, which they thought was an eyesore that would eventually go away – but it didn’t. Now Paris is stuck in the past while the world is moving on. In the same way, his relationship with his girlfriend was great in the past, but he knows better now. Rather than investing to build an Eiffel tower of their relationship and glorify their past, he’s going avoid the fate of Paris and move on.

for reasons unknown THE KILLERSif destiny’s kind, i’ve got the rest on my mind | hospital beds COLD WAR KIDSi did not choose him, he did not choose me | you are a runner and i am my father’s son WOLF PARADEi was a hero | monster IMAGINE DRAGONSwould you turn your back on me? | by your hand LOS CAMPESINOS!fate’s a cruel mistress | we intertwined THE HUSH SOUNDlife was on our tongues | maps THE FRONT BOTTOMSi’ve got big, big plans | up the wolves THE MOUNTAIN GOATSjust when that day is coming, who can say? | broadripple is burning – MARGOT & THE NUCLEAR SO AND SO’Sdon’t look at me that way | glory RADICAL FACEthere’s a lot that i miss but i don’t mind | accidntal deth RILO KILEYyour brain has lived a thousand lives before | 1901 PHOENIXi’ll be anything you ask and more


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