You draw too much when you’ve officially run out of things to write in the caption. 

well obviously what’s happening here · is that jack asked bitty to hold his legs while he did sit ups despite him /really/ not needing him to · but he chirps bitty anyway like: · jack: i’m impressed bittle. maybe we should add whisking to the team’s upper body regimen. · bitty: i’m pretty sure your ass is fat enough to hold itself down · and jack does some sort of ridiculous breathy chuckle right as he’s sitting up so bitty’s suddenly nose to nose with him · and i bet you anything jack does sit ups the ~right way~ with a fist at either temple ·so not only is bitty getting a front row seat to the gun show · but he also gets caged in a little every time jack curls upward · so it is this combination of unnecessary (but totally appreciated) displays of athleticism · and jack’s lil mona lisa smile · that send bitty into a blushy daze · and let’s for time’s sake say this is all going on after ~50k of slow build · so jack feels more or less confident when he leans forward an extra inch on the next crunch and kisses bitty on the cheek · probably with a loud smack too like shitty does when he’s messing around so jack can play it off if he has to · but bitty ain’t no chimp and he knows there’s a difference between shitty’s ironically unironic platonic smooches · and the look on jack’s face · queue a quick fumble to pull jack back up but not even bitty’s blue ribbon baked goods biceps can stop his momentum · and so when bitty falls against jacks knees he ends up falling BETWEEN his knees and then really it’s just a matter of leaning up a little · and then kissing happens · and i don’t have words for what jack’s arms going all the way around bitty’s waist are doing to me · so just assume that happens at some point and it destroys everyone in a mile radius · tldr: i like this picture · (x)

Reblogging because it goT BETTER


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