#TRISH IS SO FREAKING GENTLE WITH HER#like yes she’s broken right now but she’s almost ALWAYS so gentle with jess#trish comes from a home where abuse was more common than affection#yet somehow with all that pent up rage and hatred she grew up to be this person who cares and loves#and is so so gentle with this girl who has super strength#who can survive a free fall from a high building#she got hit by a fucking truck and walked away with a broken rib and trish places that cold pack on her like she’s so breakable#trish walker knows krav maga and can flip her tiny super powered best friend onto her back#but then gingerly takes off her boots so she can sleep comfortably#trish walker has no reason to be gentle but she is because the world doesn’t need her rage all the time – she lives with it just fine (tags via @thecrackshiplollipop)


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