davekat happened??? when….ah. i always really wanted to keep up with hs. this summer has been super boring, maybe I’ll reread it from the start…because I hate me

omg, i could never reread it from the start so i just rely on Professional Tumblr Homestuck Analysts (or the few that are still around) to bring up the old parts that are still important…anyways. 

so, when did davekat happen? 

short answer: a couple months ago, i think? it’s hard to pin down “when” because it’s being like…slowly yet definitely confirmed.

* segue into longer answer * 

idk how far behind you are but there was this confrontation with the condesce that led to everyone dying except john and roxy. so john used his new “jumping through dimensions” power to go to specific pre-scratch moments and follow instructions left on a red scarf by the late terezi pyrope, who used her seer powers to find the best way to create a less fucked-up alternate future. i think hussie might have done that to drag the story out for a longer period of time by introducing new conflicts that are going to take another 3 years to completely resolve, but anyways!!

the retconned timeline involved terezi not killing vriska, and vriska being alive actually resulted in a lot less shit getting fucked up. terezi never dates dave (or gamzee! thank god), because she’s more invested in her moiraillagence with vris, so karkat and dave never had the love triangle bs problems and they became bros a lot sooner. 

or, well, “bros.”  


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